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Bandar Ceme Online, the Most Profitable Type of Card Gambling

Bandar Ceme

Online gambling games have a variety of media to play. Starting from sports competitions, animals such as chickens, guessing numbers, cards, to video games. Cards are one of the oldest types of gambling and are known to the public. Starting from playing cards to dominoes.

Card games have been known for a long time because they are relatively cheap and easy to use. Compared to other media, this type of card gambling is the most widely available gambling game. One of the online gambling games with cards is the dealer ceme.

The Origin of Ceme Gambling to Become Online

Gambling games in general have been known for a long time, while ceme gambling is thought to have been found in ancient China. The year of its discovery is uncertain when it is, but it has been going on since the kingdom.

Ceme was played by Ancient Chinese aristocrats. Initially because a government official wanted to send a gift to the emperor. Only the emperor has this prize, namely the gambling card. So that this game cannot be played freely among ordinary citizens

Then the merchants who often worked together in the sitana saw this game and observed how it was played. So that they understand and play it outside the palace. Then the city ceme game received good responses from residents and was played by anyone.

So that many families play it, especially during holidays such as Chinese New Year. Then this game was spread and brought to various countries, then this game was also known in Indonesia.

The bearers of this game are fishermen from China who trade to Indonesia. He introduced this game when waiting for his wares. The response of the Indonesians at that time immediately liked him. With this then the bandar ceme was not only played by aristocrats.

The influence of technology and advances in it, has made ceme bookies adopted into online gambling. Online ceme dealers are in great demand because of their easy play. However, the prizes offered are very large. The site for this game provider is very easy to access and find.

How to Play Bandar Ceme

This type of online gambling is quite easy to understand and play. By using a domino card, the number of players needed is 6 to 8 people. When playing, it takes a dealer in its operations. So that one of the players in it must become a dealer.

The combination of cards used in the ceme dealer is 28 pieces. The higher the value of the cards combined will increase the chance of winning. So here it is necessary to be careful and careful in pairing numbers.

Before starting, the cards will be shuffled and distributed to the players for 2 cards each. When it has been obtained, this card is opened and pitted against which of the opponents is greater.

The playing system is the same as domino or cassava, the only difference is the number of cards dealt. When playing dominoes, 4 cards are used. Meanwhile, the ceme dealer is simpler by using only 2 cards.

Just like online poker, ceme dealers also have special cards in them. This special card certainly gives you multiple benefits if you get it. Some examples of this special card are 6 gods.

This type of card is very difficult to find, but if you get it once it’s easy to win. There are also log cards, which are twin cards. Then small and big pure cards, there are also qiu qiu cards.

Online Gambling, the Advantages of Being a Ceme Bandar

Playing ceme online, of course, will meet many players with various characters. As a player who wants more wins, of course being a ceme dealer is one of the chances of winning. What are the benefits of being a ceme dealer?

  • Can get a big jackpot up to 7 times

By being this, players can get huge profits up to 7 times. Surely this is very profitable, right? This jackpot starts from small pure, big pure, logs and 6 gods special cards.

  • Less chance of losing

Although it does not rule out the possibility of losing, by becoming a ceme dealer, players are more likely to win. The risk of losing becomes smaller because the game is on the gambling table. If the majority of other players lose, the dealer will still win and can be used for capital in the next game.

  • Have self-control when you win

Playing gambling really needs to have self control. Most gambling players go bankrupt because they cannot exercise self-control. So that players are greedy when they win.

However, if the player becomes a ceme dealer, it can be a tool for self-control because there are limitations in playing. So that the risk of losing all capital can be reduced.

  • Capital Held Is Enough

Playing ceme dealers, of course, must have a large amount of capital. This is because the bookie will face a lot of players. If there are 6 players at one table, the dealer will face 5 players alternately. So that the capital that is included must be a lot.

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