Poker Strategy, How to Play Ace

Poker Strategy, How to Play Ace. Playing Ace is one of the biggest cases a poker player can get in because not many people understand its value at the poker table.

Lets talk about the raise you should/would/might call in early position.

How to Play Ace, What Ace Cards are Good for Your Pocket

Playing low pocket pairs, Ace/King combination is one of the better than average poker hands. Like, you can actually get two of these and they’re good enough to take down some small pots in case you hit the flop hard.

You’re playing AK and before the flop you have $2200 chips and the blinds are $1200-$600. Under normal circumstances you will not raise this hand in early position.

If you’re playing under the gun and you have $2000 in chips you don’t necessarily want to be in early position. The natural tendency is to call in early position because as you know you have the best hand.

Have Ace/King in middle position you should raise. Normally players will fold this hand after seeing a flop. If your opponents re-raise you you should probably think about throwing your hand away. Even if you’re lucky enough to hit a pair on the flop shouldn’t give you the confidence to call into a heavy pot.

Poker Strategy - How to Play Ace

Still, if you’re playing in early or middle position and you have Ace/King, you still want to play this hand cautiously. The board could paired and end up ranking both your cards or another player could hit a higher set. If you think a flop like 8-8-8 or 6-7-8 is out there pick up some more chips.

Ace/King is Another Good Hand to Play when You’re in Late Position

Normally you can get a blind out of this hand if you hilariously hook a hand (another player got luck and caught a hand that would normally value bet out of the blind and you’re next!)

If you’re holding Ax in late position, you can call a reasonable raise should it be checked to you. If no one has raised there before you can call as well. It’s a fairly straightforward strategy to play so you don’t have much to worry about.

Houston, this is great! I can’t believe you didn’t think of this. Hold hands like these are gold! You can call a bet, raise, and catch a free card all in the same spin so you can maximize your chips. Only problem is you never know if a hand like ace/king is best.

Holding Ax or King you should exit the hand if a raise comes out. Best case it’s outdrawn. If it’s not worst case it’s just out of round. You are, however, a favorite to draw out on the river because unless two or three of a kind are dealt then you will probably be the only one with a hand.

Ace/King is a good hand but not the evil one.

Raise pre-flop and you will usually either scare away all the drawing hands such as two pair, trips, or even better two of a kind, and if you get called or re-raised, you will have to fold. The problem with this hand is if you hit the flop and your opponent has two overcards, you will have a bloody hand to lose. Unless you have a good read on your opponent you won’t be getting as much out of this King/Ace.

How to Play: This is a very strong starting hand as long as your opponents don’t have an ace or a king.

Don’t be frightened to make a raise in late position with this hand though, and don’t be afraid to call a raise, you will probably only be called by one or sometimes maybe two other players with decent hands. If you don’t think you will be called by good hands then throw it away, you weren’t meant to be in that hand!

Reading Your Opponents: Reading your opponents is key to playing Ace/King.

Look at the bet sizing and note the type of hands that your opponents always raise with. Some people will raise a lot with a wide range of hands, other people like to keep it tight with only premium hands. Whatever the CoV of your opponent you’re trying to read. They’re good at bluffing they’ll probably be poor at identifying your hand.

They’re weak they’ll probably think you have something good and be sick hands away from actually having good cards. There are many other interesting games that you can find on judi online sites. Visit and enjoy the game that gives you a lot of luck. / Dy

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