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3 Important Quantum Roulette Strategy for Beginners

You can win up to 500 times your bet with Quantum Roulette strategy. This game appeared in online casinos in 2019 and is actually a shameless copy of Lightning Roulette.

Quantum Roulette is not as popular as other games in the gambling world. However, you as a beginner have to find out what it means and how it works so that you can get a chance to win the game. 

Quantum Roulette Strategy for Beginners

1. Quantum Roulette Works

Quantum Roulette is a simple game that follows the standard roulette rules.

All wagering options and payouts are identical to standard roulette. With one exception: if you bet on a full number ( square ) and it falls, you will win 29 times your stake instead of 35 times in Quantum Roulette.

Therefore, what’s the point of playing Quantum Roulette?

Well, one or more numbers between 50 and 500 will appear on a large screen after the bets are closed and before the ball is shot into the cylinder. 

The Quantum Multipliers are what they’re called. A specific number on the roulette wheel corresponds to each Quantum Multiplier.

If you have placed a full bet on a number with a Quantum Multiplier and that number falls, you will win the Quantum Multiplier, not 29 times your bet.

Therefore, in one fell swoop, you could be paid 500 times your bet. With a minimum bet of $0.20, you can win $100. That’s not possible with regular roulette!

Quantum Multipliers can only be used on square bets. Do you bet a chip on 13-14, is there a multiplier on the 14, and does the ball land in the 14? Then, just like with standard roulette, you’ll be paid 17 times your bet.

2. Quantum Roulette Strategy

Unfortunately, there is no best Quantum Roulette strategy that will help you win more often. You can’t predict which numbers will get a Quantum Multiplier or use any kind of strategy because the game is completely random.

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The RTP of Quantum Roulette is 97.3 percent. This RTP applies to all bets, including full number bets ( square ). As a result, it doesn’t matter which bet you place in terms of strategy.

Because Quantum Roulette has a 97.1 percent RTP for a square bet, it is slightly more appealing to play than Lightning Roulette. 

3. Tips in Quantum Roulette

The only tip for Quantum Roulette and that is, you can just play what you feel like and stay within your budget. All bets have the same payout percentage so one bet is not better than the other.

Of course it is extra exciting to make square bets, because of the Quantum Multipliers and the chance to win a very high prize. But all the numbers at once square bet make no sense. The RTP always remains 97.3%.

You sometimes read tips for Quantum Roulette on the internet that supposedly give you a better chance of winning, those tips are nonsense. Unfortunately.

Win Multiple Bet in Quantum Roulette

This is a judi qq bonus for you…

Instead of the 36 times your bet in standard Roulette, a full number bet can pay up to 500 times your bet. Quantum Roulette has a maximum bet of $100, which theoretically allows you to win $50,000. 

The multiplier only applies if you bet on a whole number in Quantum Roulette (square). If you place your chip on four or six numbers, one of them receives a multiplier, but if the ball stops on one of these numbers, the multiplier is ignored.

How those are? You obviously understand why Quantum Roulette strategy is not exist because the winnings are only in your hands. 

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