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Types of HK Togel Pairs You May Want To Know

Jenis Pasangan Togel HK
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Types of HK Togel Pairs, here are some HK lottery pairs that you can use when playing online gambling. And how much commission is earned in each pair. Today we will teach friends the types of HK lottery pairs.

  • 4D = Pair is done by guessing 4 digit numbers (US, KOP, HEAD, EKOR) correctly. The 4D pair winning commission payout is the largest, which is 1: 3000 of the total bet (Bet) placed.
  • 3D = Pairing is done by guessing 3 digit numbers (KOP, HEAD, EKOR) correctly. The 3D pair winning commission payout is the second largest, which is 1: 400 of the total bet (Bet) placed.
  • 2D = Pair is done by guessing 2 digit numbers (HEAD, EKOR) correctly. There are several choices for 2D pairs, namely Front (XX00), Middle (0XX0), and Back (00XX). The payoffs are 1: 60 for the front, 1: 60 for the middle and 1: 70 for the back respectively.

Plug, HK Togel Pair Type

  • FREE COLOK = Is the most popular couple. Because many HK lottery gambling fans think this pair is quite easy to win. In this HK FREE COLOK output pair, you only need to enter 1 digit. No matter where that number comes out, then you are entitled to receive a commission of 1: 1.5 total bet (bet).
  • COLOK MACAU = Then there is COLOK MACAU. In principle, COLOK MACAU is not much different from COLOK BEBAS. It’s just that here, you are asked to place a minimum of 2 numbers. You will get a commission of 1: 2 if there are 2 numbers out. If 3 then get 1: 3 and double numbers then 1: 4.
  • COLOK DRAGON = Namely by installing 3 numbers. The principle is the same as COLOK BEBAS and COLOK MACAU. Winning payout commission is 1: 3.However, some sites have varying odds. So, please contact CS first to make sure.
  • COLOK JITU = This pair is the same as COLOK FREE. It’s just that, you are also required to guess the position of this number. The payment obtained from the COLOK JITU pair is 1: 8.
  • BIG / SMALL = So here, you only have to guess the number of 2D numbers behind that appear. Big if 50 – 99 and small if 00 – 49. The payout for this pair is 1: 1.
  • EVEN ODD = Pair whether the last number (EKOR) is odd or even. This pair pays 50: 50 or 1: 1 of the total bet.
  • SHIO = This bet uses the Shio table. For example, Shio Rooster = 02, Shio Dog = 01, Shio Monkey = 03 and so on. Each one knows the Shio table here will continue to be updated. For own payment commissions according to the odds set by the site.

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There are still many other pairs that you can choose when keluaran HK gambling. Including such as a combination, package or other CROSS. Each has a variety of paid commissions. Therefore, you really have to understand first in order to get the most benefit.

Hopefully this article can help you understand what types of HK outputs you can try and get before plunging directly into playing. See you in our other articles.

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